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Hello!  Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m Lauren, and I absolutely love my beautiful Catholic faith.  It is my passion to share it with anyone and everyone willing to listen!



I think the one commonality between all of us is our deep desire to be loved.  I believe that everyone everywhere is scrambling to fulfill this desire, and though this quest for love manifests itself in many different ways, the only true fulfilment of it lies in God’s hands.  I believe that we are made for him, and as Saint Augustine said, it isn’t until we allow ourselves to rest in him that we truly find the happiness we are all longing for.  In our chaotic world, communion with God is the only authentic answer for man’s suffering, pain, and desperation to succeed, be wanted and loved.  I also believe that it is this kind of love—the willingness to die to self, so as to rise in Christ—that leads to true refinement, transformation, and conversion.

All I ever want to do is share my faith.  I try to be open and honest, and always ready to admit that I do not know everything, especially because our faith is both vast and mysterious.  However, I am confident in this Church that guides us, and I rest assured that whenever I do not understand something, she is there leading us to the splendor of Truth.


I am from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and though it has been about 8 years since I was actually a resident, I will never cease to call it “home”.  It’s the reason I crave chile when I eat just about anything (green or red, I am not prejudiced), and it’s also the reason I will always wish I lived in an adobe house, long for snow-free Christmas’s, always hope menudo is being served after weddings, and know that roadrunners do in fact exist.  All of my side of the family still lives in New Mexico, so my heart will always be half there.

I initially left home to pursue my degree in theology, and not only ended up receiving an awesome Catholic education at Benedictine College, but also met my husband Joe.  I never dreamed I would one day call Kansas my home, but it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.  There is a great Catholic community here, the change of the seasons are something I very much look forward to, and we only get like 2-3 tornado warnings a year.  Not so bad!

Last December I finished my Masters of Art in Theology at the University of Dallas, and am currently an RCIA teacher, helping usher open hearts into the Catholic faith.  It is one of my greatest pleasures to witness the transformation of heart so many people make as they journey home.


I met my husband Joe in 2009 at Benedictine College, and we started dating just two weeks before I graduated.  We made the leap into a long-distanced relationship right away, and looking back now I can only attribute our whole journey with each other to divine providence.  I know God had a hand in bringing us together.  He is my best friend, and he lifts me up everyday.  I remember praying for my husband when I was younger, and I know without a doubt, he is everything I asked God for  in a man. img_9961

In 2012 we started our family with our first baby Elijah.  He is 3 now, and he is spunky, wild, and as funny as can be.  I count myself incredibly blessed to be his mother–he makes my world bright and beautiful. 15304033_1185383351549066_1041128360_o

Life only got brighter in 2015 with the addition of Lucia to our clan.  She is my dainty girl. She is my little one who walks with caution and smiles so bright.  She is a sweetheart, a great hugger, and just adores her big brother.  My heart overflows with love for this little blue-eyed girl.


Family life is the life.  I’m learning as I go, with a lot of laughter and love along the way.  I am at home with my babies, and really wouldn’t have it any other way.




One thought on “About Me

  1. I grew up in NM, too, although I moved to Albuquerque when I was 8, it is where I consider home. I left when I was 28 and moved to Pennsylvania, then New York City and now Tennessee. I still miss New Mexico, especially the food. 🙂

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