I saw that Jen over at Into Your Will  recently posted the things she’s up to currently, and I thought it was such a good idea! Sharing today what’s lately been in my life, on my mind, and in my heart!

Reading The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture by Haley Stewart. This is another new book floating around the Catholic Instagram world and blogosphere. I’m only a couple of chapters in, but I am already really loving all that Haley has to say! Her words about finding freedom through living more simply—with a focus on family, community, and intentionality...So GOOD. A great antidote to the throwaway culture we find ourselves immersed in today.

Also, just finished reading Deus Caritas Est (God is Love), the encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI. I read the document while using the study that goes along with it published by Endow. I loved every minute spent reading it, and I highly recommend the study! Endow offers other amazing studies on documents of the faith–perfect for women’s groups to work through together!


Wondering why, when my kids turn three, all hell tends to break loose for a little while. Eli grew particularly stubborn at three, and Lucy is showing extreme resilience in her meltdowns when just about anything fails to go her way. Also, she’s an early climber, moving our stools around here and there in order to climb up on to the counters to get to the tallest cabinets. Since her birthday, she’s gotten particularly bold. The latest: found her on the stove (!?!) in search of a band-aid in the cabinets above it. Pray for us.


She sure is cute, though! 

Listening to so many podcasts—favorite right now being Coffee and Pearls by Sterling Jaquith. I just love her practical advice for living the faith, and she is such a testament to perseverance in the faith with all she’s endured with her latest pregnancy. (She was on bedrest from (I think) week 26 on!!!)

Also, super into 70’s easy listening right now. (James Taylor on repeat.) It goes so well with this Fall weather that’s finally coming home to us.

Watching This is Us and Parks and Recreation. I was really into the first and second seasons of This is Us, so I was excited to see it return. So far? Eh. It’s been okay. I feel like they’re stretching for stories right now and repeating a lot of what they’ve already done. I’ll keep watching, but might lose interest if it doesn’t go anywhere new soon.

Parks is an oldy but a goody. Just like with The Office, I am always trying to figure out which character is my favorite and which I relate to most. Let’s see: I wish I was a Leslie (duh), hope to be loved by someone as much as Leslie loves Anne, kind of relate the most to Tom because I am always coming up with new ideas to pursue, and try to channel Chris’s relentless positivity in my life. And who doesn’t love Ron, Andy, Donna, Ben, and April??? Okay, obviously I love all of them. (And I feel like maybe I’m forgetting someone…😉)

Working on new writing projects and ideas for upcoming speaking gigs. Very excited for what’s to come!

Frustrated at the pull technology seems to have over me. I hate it when I’m experiencing a beautiful or peaceful moment and I have this inclination to reach for my phone to capture it. The worst! Want to focus more on being truly present and mindful of where I am at and what I am doing and the people I am with.

Loving Fall, Fall-scented candles (Leaves from Bath & Body works is my go-to right now! SO GOOD!), coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, books, and time spent with my family outside in the cool weather.

Debating on what to be for Halloween this year. I try to make all of our costumes so it takes a little time and preparation. Also, this year we have an adult Halloween party in sight so I am super excited that Joe and I get to dress up again this year. Halloween is one of my favorites!


The last time we were able to dress up! haha

Thankful for my husband, my kids, and the ability to travel so easily so that I can be present at special things, like my Grandpa’s 80th surprise party last week.


Struggling with my littlest one waking me up literally 5-6 times a night. I was already not very fun of the 2-3 wake up calls we’ve been used to, but in the last week or so she’s gotten worse. I’m not really sure what it is. She can’t seem to go much past five hours without eating during the night (supposed to be able to reach 8-10), and wakes up every hour and a half to two hours crying (I think for her paci?). Whew. It’s been a bit tough. Ready to get a good night’s sleep! Parenthood.


She’ll always be my little sweetheart, though. Always a happy baby. 

Praying for our Church (particularly our priests), my family, and for the ability to always be mindful of God’s presence in my life.

Excited about the weekend. Movie night with the family, Eli’s soccer game (which I hope doesn’t get rained out), Sunday Mass, and adoration.

Trying to continue making the shift towards see eating better as a lifestyle choice and to quit viewing healthy eating as a “diet.” Working to remember that good food is fuel for my body and mind and indulging and feasting all the time is bad for both my spirit and my body!

Laughing at this little moment in Parks: 

Parks pic#truth

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3 replies on “Currently (Volume 1)

  1. So much going on! Thanks for sharing so much GOOD stuff. And I had to laugh about your three year old. My son wasn’t a climber but we sure did butt heads regularly. Be assured of my prayers. And we have appreciated a book called Wonder Weeks (it’s something similar now but not exactly that) since it describes the leaps babies make at certain times. While they are transitioning, they don’t eat, sleep or comfort the same. Maybe your little peanut is learning something that is rocking her world! 💜💜💜

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