Do you have a designated spot for prayer?

A few years ago I read about the importance of finding a regular meeting spot for prayer and I really fell in love with the idea.  Designating a space in your home where you keep your favorite prayer resources handy is a great way to remember that you are called to meet with God regularly.

When I started making prayer a habit in my life, I found myself plopping down in the same spot each morning.  The couch in our living room became a convenient space for me, since the desk next to it provided the perfect spot to place my morning coffee, as well as my Bible, spiritual reading, and rosary.


As I was building a habit of prayer, this little corner in my home became something I gravitated towards because it is a great spot for me to center myself for the day.  It’s far enough from the kids that I don’t wake them in the morning when I get up to pray, and it’s a quiet space for me to be alone and be with God. It’s also next to our kitchen, so when the kids are playing playdough or eating lunch during the day, I can sit and pray for a few minutes while they’re busy.  It’s also in the center of our home, which means that it’s a very visible spot.  I think this is important because it has become a sort of calling card–a reminder to me that God is daily inviting me to engage with Him in prayer.

Overtime, sitting down on this spot to pray became a routine, and now it’s a place I have really come to love.

That’s what so invaluable about creating a personal prayer space!  It’s not only beneficial for establishing a routine in prayer, but it also becomes part of a habit that you will know and love as your own. When you pass by that area, it becomes an invitation to prayer and reminder of all the time you have spent with God.

Creating your space doesn’t have to be complicated! You don’t necessarily have to clear out a whole closet or create your own home altar. You just need it to be a place where you can easily slip away to–a place that is a comfortable meeting spot for you to engage in conversation with God!

I highly encourage you to find a space in your home where you can daily sit down to pray and be with God! Think about what works for you in your life and utilize your home to create a spot where you can daily come before God in prayer!

What about you?  Do you have a favorite place to pray?  I’d love to know in the comments below! What works for you and what doesn’t?   


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