In my prayer life, I’ve found five tools to be consistently beneficial to me.  Today, I’m sharing these five with you! I find it much easier to enter into prayer when I have these five things readily available for me to read or use as I pray.

-1- Journaling Bible, or Bible and Journal

I bought the Blessed Is She Journaling Bible for myself on my birthday this past year, and I am so glad that I did. It was one of the best personal little investments I’ve made, because since having it, I use and read my Bible more than I ever did before. There are many ways you can utilize the journaling aspect of the Bible for your own prayer life (e.g. journaling thoughts, taking notes, writing quotes, etc.), which I love. I mainly use the journaling portion for quoting my favorite passages from Scripture, and for writing notes on particular lines of importance. This Bible also includes notations on certain lines throughout the Bible, which is extremely helpful in coming to a deeper understanding of scripture.

Before I had this Bible, I had a similar process of praying with my non-journaling Bible. I would pray along with my Bible using a separate journal to write all of my thoughts down.

God moves and speaks to each one of us in a personal way through Scripture, and having a journal handy is a great way to remember all of the thoughts and inspirations you have while meditating on God’s Word!

-2- Personal Prayer Book

I created my own prayer book about a year ago, and it is hands down one of my favorite tools for prayer. I used this a little leather journal to write down my favorite prayers and meditations, as well as consecrations that I’ve made, favorite Scripture quotes, and thoughts from saints that I love.

This book has been an inspiration in my life, and is such an easy way to quickly enter into a prayer space that I love and feel comfortable in, since it is something of my own creation.

I highly recommend making one for yourself! Check out this post to find a tutorial for creating your own!

-3-The Rosary and the Magnificat Rosary Companion


I made the Consecration to Jesus through Mary a few years ago, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Mary has helped me grow so much since then, both in my love for her Son, and in my life of prayer. One way she’s done this is by calling me to have a greater devotion to the rosary.

If you struggle with praying the rosary, know that I was right there with you. For so long, I found it tedious to get through.  When I prayed it, it often felt more like a chore than a means of growing closer to Jesus.

However, this started to change as I developed a relationship with Mary. I started to see that the rosary is Mary’s way of taking us by the hand and walking us through her Son’s life. The more I prayed it with effort, truly meditating on the Mysteries, the more I experienced Christ’s life come alive. Each time I pray the rosary now, it’s much easier to meditate on the love of Christ and His life. I promise that if you work on this devotion (even if in the beginning you struggle with it), Mother Mary will open your heart to a deep intimacy with her son. It is a wonderful thing.

Rosary companions are a great way to deepen your love for the rosary.  One of my favorites is the one by the Magnificat . Rosary companions offer meditations on each of the various mysteries of the rosary, and they’re helpful because they paint the picture of events in Christ’s life (so we don’t have to struggle to do so on our own), and apply Christ’s words and actions to our daily needs and struggles.

This is an extremely helpful tool if you are often distracted as you pray!

4- The Magnificat


The Magnificat is a magazine subscription to all the daily Mass readings, and also includes morning and evening prayers, as well as reflections on the readings. I ordered mine through the Catholic Company, and have used it for a couple of years now. What I love about this little prayer book is that it makes my life so much easier. Before having this book, I would often find myself struggling to enter into prayer because I was too busy trying to figure out how to pray, what to say, and what to pray for.

It’s a bit of an investment ($45/year), but I really think that it is worth every penny.

-5-A Spiritual Book


The last thing I usually have when I sit down to pray is some sort of spiritual reading. I usually read a book by or about a saint that I love, or a book that helps with the spiritual life.

Some of my favorites include:

The Life of Christ, by Fulton Sheen

Orthodoxy, by G.K Chesterton

The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas A. Kempis

The Way, The Furrow, or The Forge, by St. Jose Maria Escriva

Perfectly Yourself, by Matthew Kelly

Spiritual reading is essential for fueling our lives. I love bringing it into my prayer time, because it not only challenges me to be a better person, but it also lays out plans and examples for me to understand how to pursue that better version of myself.


There you have it! The five resources I turn to most frequently in my prayer life!

I’ve learned that if I keep these resources out and in sight in my home, it is much easier for me to enter into prayer.  I hope these five tools are helpful for you!

What are your favorite tools to turn to for prayer?  Please comment below!  I’d love to know!


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4 replies on “5 Useful Tools for Your Prayer Life

  1. The Journaling Bible for me is easier to see with its one coloum print. I have my regular bible ,but newer one is for study.
    I am learning Liturgy of the Hours. I like it.
    Prayer is like a flower garden-so many beautiful flowers to pick from. Lectio Divina,contemplation,rosary…..

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