When I went on pilgrimage to Rome last year, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Florence by myself for a day. I took the bullet train and spent the day roaming around one of the most romantic places I’ve ever found myself in. It was love at first sight, and the only bummer was that I couldn’t be there with my husband. Still, I greatly enjoyed walking around Florence, touring all the museums and beautiful churches.  I will never forget the smell of all the Italian leather in the market.

While waiting in line at the Academia Museum, I spotted a little Italian leather shop which sold little leather books, belts, and wallets. When I found out that they engraved for free, I couldn’t help but grab four or five little leather journals to keep for myself and a few family members. On mine, I had them inscribe “Totus tuus,” which the man repeated back to me two or three times. He’d never heard of this phrase, and as I explained what it meant to him, he nodded his head with a smile. It is such a good memory from my trip.

When I got home I had this journal but didn’t really know what to do with it. I had a bunch of prayer cards laying around, and realized that with a little cutting and tape, I could put them all together in this one book. Once I began putting them into the book, I figured that I could make it even more personal by writing my favorite quotes from Scripture and saints that I love, along with other prayers that are helpful to me.

It didn’t take me long to create something I knew I would cherish, but when I first made it, I didn’t realize how truly useful it would be to me. Each page in the book has a prayer that speaks directly to my heart, and as such it’s become an invaluable tool in my prayer life.

I always keep it handy (on my desk or in my purse), so that I can easily turn to it wherever and whenever I want!

I highly recommend you finding yourself a little book similar to this, and creating one of your own!

It was really simple to make!

Here are a couple of leather bound books similar to the one I have:

Vintage Leather Bound Journal

Bombay Leather Wrap Journal

Black Leather Wrap Journal

I like that mine is small (4×6) so that I can easily travel with it wherever I go, but you can make it whatever size you like!

Once you have your journal, gather all your favorite materials, and pull out some scissors and either glue or tape.

In order for the prayer cards to fit, I had to cut them down to size.  If there was a prayer on the back that I really liked, I wrote it on the next page facing the card.

Some ideas for your book:

• Prayer cards
• Divine mercy chaplet
• Rosary meditations
• Favorite scripture passages
• Favorite quotes from saints you love
• Pictures of saints that you love

That’s it! Super easy to make, and yet incredibly beneficial for your prayer life!

I hope you find this guide useful! If you create your own, please let me know! I’d love to hear how it works for you!


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7 replies on “Create Your Own Personal Prayer Book

  1. Ihave got to do this. With as many journal books and paper and prayer cards laying around. They just keep being shoved in drawers.

  2. I’ve just started one and I love having everything all in one place! I took your idea of having a small book as well which is wonderful so I can carry it with me! I’m going to be taking it into Adoration as well.
    Thank you for such an inspiring idea!

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