I’ve been into podcasts for a couple of years now.  My obsession started a ways back when I discovered that I could listen to Father Mike Schmitz on my old android through his website.  I always loved his youtube videos, and finding out I had access to his homilies directly on my phone was a dream come true.  Then, when I got an iphone a couple of years ago, the podcasting world widened for me because the app on the iphone is insanely easy to use.

I’m not sure who will benefit from this post, because the Catholic podcasts I love are fairly popular already.  I’m writing this for those of you who’ve never heard of these people, haven’t gotten your feet wet in the world of podcasting, and for those of you who are looking for a new way to be fed spiritually!

I find that listening to podcasts is a very easy way to grow in knowledge of the faith and find support in all things Catholic.  There are so many different podcasts out there nowadays and each offers a unique perspective on the faith and particular advice from various resources.  In addition to reading, I’ve found that listening to podcasts (while I clean my kitchen, drive in my car, fold the laundry, etc.) is an easy way to grow in knowledge of the faith and in my spiritual life.  Oftentimes it’s as if I have my very own personal faith trainers in my pocket!

If you are new to the podcasting world, linked here is a beginners guide to listening to podcasts.

In some conversations I’ve had since I’ve started listening to podcasts, I’ve come across a few people who have absolutely no interest in the podcasting world.  A lot of people seem to think it’s another fad, but in reality it is a very viable way of gaining additional access to news, knowledge, and the faith.  Plus, there are so many different podcasts out there that everyone can easily find one that suits their personal needs and preferences.

Below, I’ve listed my current top five favorite podcasts.  Included under each of the five are links to my top three favorite episodes.  The links will take you to the home webpages which archive all of the podcast episodes and you can listen for free.  Give it a try!  If you find that one doesn’t suit your taste, try a different one!


The Word on Fire Show Bishop Robert Barron’s podcast is my favorite.  I truly believe he is one of the most intelligent communicators of the faith today.  He has an incredible talent for explaining the beauty of the faith! I love that the format of the podcast includes a conversational yet deeply rich presentation of Catholicism.  One of the things I really admire about Bishop Barron is that he doesn’t water down the faith, but presents it in a way that can be understood and digested.  From pop culture, to Biblical history, to Aquinas, Bishop Barron covers a wide range of topics that appeal to both the faithful and non-faithful alike.

My 3 Favorite Episodes:

Evangelizing the Culture 

Don’t Be a Beige Catholic

Why Young People are Leaving the Church


Catholic Stuff You Should Know  My husband Joe introduced me to this podcast, and I’m so glad he found it!  The Catholic Stuff podcast is easily one of our favorite shared things!  The podcast features four young companion priests who get together over a drink to banter and discuss the faith.  They are funny, relatable, and incredibly knowledgeable.  It is so refreshing to hear about the faith from young priests who have devoted their lives in service to God and his Church!  Joe and I especially love taking the companions with us on long car rides! 

My 3 Favorite Episodes:

Amazon Culture


Anima Technica Vacua 


The Jeff Cavins Show  I’ve heard some of Jeff’s talks in the past, but this year I’ve been immersed in his work more than ever before.  In the women’s Bible study I’m in, we’re working through Jeff’s Bible Timeline Series.  I absolutely love Jeff’s Bible study!  Salvation history is one of my favorite subjects,  and I love how Jeff masterfully presents the story of salvation as it reads chronologically in Scripture.   I recently came across his podcast and was excited to start listening right away.  It is no surprise to me that it quickly become one of my favorites, because Jeff is so humble in his knowledge of the faith.  In his podcast, Jeff offers practical guidelines for living the faith and for growing deeper in love with the Lord.  I think, probably more than any of the others, this podcast will appeal to all types of people!

My 3 Favorite Episodes:

How to Talk to God Out Loud

How to Mark Your Bible

What I Learned From Mother Angelica 


Coffee and Pearls Sterling Jaquith is the woman behind Coffee and Pearls, which features 15 minutes of Catholic wisdom for every day life.  Sterling offers a no-nonsense approach in her advice on growing in holiness as a woman of God.  My only qualm about her podcast is that it’s merely fifteen minutes long!  Each week she leaves me craving more of her thoughts!  Still, in just 15 minutes, Sterling truly offers great seeds of wisdom.  She utilizes every second with her raw, truthful advice in the realms of self-care, motherhood, marriage, faith, and spirituality.  I hope you love her as much as I do.

My 3 Favorite Episodes:

Why Our Children Shouldn’t Have Access to Us 24/7

 How to Be a Scientist of Your Own Life 

Anchoring Our Attitudes in Christ  


Just One Small Thing I stumbled upon Nancy’s podcast a few months ago, and I immediately flew through a bunch of her episodes.  Soon after I found the podcast, I learned to my surprise that Nancy is a fellow Kansas City resident, and also in the women’s Bible study I am apart of each week!  Though I haven’t bumped into her yet, I feel a bit like I already know her because of her podcast.  Listening to her words of wisdom is like listening to an old friend–she’s comforting, humble, and honest.  She has a natural and beautiful grace about her which I love!  Nancy touches on many aspects of the faith for women, including motherhood, friendship, sex, and self-care.  I think you will really enjoy her!

My 3 Favorite Episodes:

The Holiness of Housework

The Little Way of Motherhood

On Still Being Here

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do! A few others that I really enjoy include: The Homilies of Father Mike Schmitz, All Things CatholicDo Something Beautiful For God, Messy Parenting, and Fountains of Carrots 

Do you listen to any of the podcasts mentioned above?  What are your favorite podcasts?  I’d love to know!


11 replies on “My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

  1. Love it! I am always looking for new podcasts and I haven’t heard a few of these! One I’m enjoying that I feel like you would enjoy is called “thriving in the trenches”… check it out!!

  2. Reblogged this on Pelican Box and commented:
    If you are looking to get fed spiritually/intellectually and you are into podcasts (or want to be since it’s great when multitasking), check out this awesome list that “By Love Refined” put together. Many of these are my favorites as well and have helped me so much in growing in knowledge of my faith and finding support in all things Catholic. Be sure to follow Lauren at By love Refined if you are not already! Her content is so insightful especially when it comes to marriage and family 😊

    A couple others I would add to this list is the Patrick Madrid Show and Lisa Cotter’s podcast, madetomagnify.com

    I hope you find these helpful!

  3. I love most of those as well! Podcasts really are a moms best friend 😉 A non catholic podcast that I love is The Simple Show. It’s soooo great!
    Also try the Catholic Feminist. She has great guest and her young approach can be refreshing 🙂

    Hopped over from 7QTs and started browsing around your blog. Your family is beautiful!

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