Hello All!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 7 Quick Takes Friday.  Here today to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life!


In the latest and biggest news:


We’re having a GIRL!

Honestly, I was a little surprised.  I hated guessing one way or another (because history has proven how terrible I am at it), but my symptoms were so much closer to Eli’s than Lucy’s, so naturally, I thought we were having a boy! I couldn’t eat meat (especially steak), and was drawn way more to salads and fruit again–just like with Eli.  With Lucy I craved and ate everything, and was craving more carbs and sweets than I have this time around.  The only thing that really set this pregnancy apart was how sick I got, and “science” says that points to a girl, so I should’ve known! 

We are all very excited.  (Even Eli, who had his heart set on a little brother.)  He’s doing well with the news.  It didn’t take much to lift his spirits!  I just reminded him how much he loves his sister Lucia and he got a big ol’ smile on his face and agreed.


About a month ago, I went out to Phoenix to celebrate my longtime friend’s Bachelorette party.  Mallory and I have been friends for well over twenty years!  She was the first friend I ever made in school!


Mallory is the cute blonde in the “Love” shirt. 

It was a fun weekend.  We spent our time hanging out, climbing a mountain (which I was terrible at) and getting to know one another a bit.  I can’t wait to celebrate her on her wedding day at the end of the year!


Right after I got back from Pheonix, my sister Anna came to visit. What is wrong with me?  I don’t have any pictures from her visit! I’m the worst!

I’ll chalk up the lack of evidence that she was here to the fact that we were having too good of a time to document any of it.  It’s always nice having family around.  I miss them everyday.

Lucy took to Anna really fast, and is just now getting over saying “Aunty Annnnnnna????” every five minutes (which is nice, haha).  She loves her aunty:




Thanks to my woooonderful in-laws (both Joe’s parents and sister), Joe and I were able to get away for our fifth Anniversary weekend.  We had a little stay-cation here in Kansas City for a couple of nights and it was such a wonderful weekend.

We stayed at the Hotel Philips in downtown KC, and spent the weekend enjoying sleeping in, going out for coffee/drinks, and taking our time with dinner each night.


I sure love my man. 

I can’t believe it’s been five years! I feel so honored to be his wife.  He makes me laugh.  He challenges me.  He motivates me, understands me, and he shares his heart in return to me.

What more could I ask for???


Joseph, here’s to 120 more years together!


My latest posts include a review of what I’ve been reading lately, my thoughts on living liturgically at home, and ideas for Advent.  Advent starts on Sunday, so if you need any inspiration for celebrating Advent, check out my latest post!

advent instagram intro


I think it’s official.  I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  I just love it so much, especially because my mama has made it a tradition to join us for the week each year.  Her presence in combination with Joe’s (who was off for FIVE days!) made the week a monumentally great one.  I love my mama so much, and it just about the biggest perk to have her amazing cooking skills around for Thanksgiving. (Thanks for bringing a taste of New Mexico to me, mama!) 

This was our third year hosting Thanksgiving, and somehow I ended up being solely responsible for the Turkey.  That made me really nervous and said I’d only take credit for it after a few days (so that I could be sure I didn’t get anyone sick! I didn’t.  Thank goodness! Haha).  The turkey came out good, but I’m determined next year not to overcook it.  With all that was going on in the kitchen I forgot to check it early and I think it ended up being a tad dry.  But everyone seemed to like it well enough!

We spent the whole day cooking, eating, and lounging–my three favorite things! This year we had the added perk of it being insanely gorgeous outside.  The kids spent the day playing in the leaves and we had a blast!


Sad to say goodbye to my mom, but happy I get to see her and the rest of my family here in a few weeks!


This week we celebrated our little man’s fourth birthday!


He woke up extremely excited because he found balloons and Transformer decorations all around his room.  He quietly came to my bedside and told me, “Mom…this is the best birthday eeeeever!” It was very sweet.  He’s such a sweet kid.

Four years with him have been such a joy! He cracks us up and lights up our lives!

blr graphic line

That was quite the quick take! (Two months worth, ha!) Thanks for catching up with me!  It’s been a great couple of months!



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