Today is my little love’s 2nd Birthday!

Time has certainly flown by!

The day she was born was one of the sweetest days of my life.  My birthing experience with her was a huge opportunity for prayer, and one of the closest experiences I’ve ever had with Christ.  Read about it here.   We had no idea whether we were having a little girl or boy, but moments before she came out, I had this whispering in my heart that she was a girl and that she would be our “Lucia.”   Though my first labor experience was the hardest thing I’d ever gone through, my second with Lucy is one I would gladly relive any day.  Our beautiful little blue-eyed girl entered the world September 25th, at 5:35 am.

Our first four months with Lucy were a bit of a struggle,  but getting through those tough colicky times taught me more about motherhood than any book or master-class could ever have taught me.  This little one has taught me what it means to love with a complete gift of self.  We went through a lot in those first few months, but through it all, she taught me what love is like, even when it hurts.  Then, with just the two little years of her life, she has returned to me one-hundred fold all the love in the world with her smile, her heart, and her life.

She’s the sweetest little girl I know.  She loves to hug, nurture babies, and play with doggies.  Her excitement for life is intoxicating!

I always have a bit of a hard time writing up these little pieces on my family, because how do I explain in words all the love I have in my heart for this little girl??  It’s sometimes incomprehensible!  I can only give you little glimpses into moments of her life that make my heart explode:  her smile in the morning when she greets me for the first time in the day; her little voice and the fact that most of her consonants have a “Y” twang to them (“Daddy, I want a Yuuug.” i.e. “hug”); how she is drawn to every single baby she sees; her love for her daddy; how she loves to look pretty and be told she’s precious; her affinity for shoes; her many facial expressions; her independence; her huge smile.  She is our little girly girl, who walks with both caution and a smile on her face.  I love her that the fact that her little personality is so defined, and so her.  She’s always looking for food, rummaging through drawers (our little raccoon), and chasing after her big brother who she adores.

AAAGH, she’s simply the sweetest and we love her SO MUCH. 

Happy birthday to my sweet Lucia!



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