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This week was a great week because my friends Lindsay and Paige came to visit me!  I have been friends with them since middle school, but it’s been about nine years since the three of us have been together.  Lindsay and I had a major falling out when we were in college, but we reconciled last year.  Having them both visit was wonderful, and Lindsay and I made up for a lot of lost time!  Read more about our reconciliation here.



We spent the week talking, laughing, and reminiscing about the “old days.”  One of the highlights of our time together was looking through our old pictures and reading through the journals we shared in middle school.  Lindsay and I started passing a composition notebook back and forth when we were in sixth grade, and it continued on through middle school and well into high school with other friends.  The journals were mostly filled with notes about our latest crushes, and the occasional petty childhood spats.  Needless to say, it’s some pretty ridiculous stuff!




We celebrated Paige’s 30th birthday out on the town.  We had a great dinner at Pierpont’s in Union Station, and rode the street car around town, settling in Power and Light to watch a random cover band.  We jammed out to Bruno Mars, Queen, Michael Jackson, N’sync and the Backstreet Boys.  It was awesome!



We took the kids to Deanna Rose, which is always a good time.



We watched Sporting KC kick Chicago Fire’s butt, and we also had a lot of fun in Room 13, an escape room at BreakoutKC.  I’d never been to an escape room before–it was a lot of fun!  Joe and I will definitely be going back!




The craziest thing we did together was ride roller coaster rides at World’s of Fun.  When we went out there for the day, I hadn’t anticipated riding roller coasters because we were only there for the Oceans of Fun water slides.  The three of us had agreed that we were too chicken to ride any roller coasters, but when we were done at the water park, Paige’s daughter Alexis somehow convinced me and Lindsay to ride the rides with her.  I really didn’t want to, but I decided to go for it anyways.  I used to ride these things all the time, but since having kids, the risk/reward factor is way off balance.  I kind of just like my feet planted firmly on the ground, you know?

I nevertheless gave in and, well…this picture says it all:

AE002907 (1)

Seriously.  That’s pretty much what was going on internally the whole time.  I couldn’t decide if I was having a ton of fun, or hating my life.  It was a bit of both, haha.  I am glad to say I survived the rides.  The kid behind us was hilarious.  He told us when to pose for the cameras because he’d ridden the ride so many times, and I thought, If he can do it, I can do it!  (Ha, it didn’t really help.)


Needless to say, I didn’t get much time to write–I was having way too much fun!  If you haven’t read my last post on NFP, here is the link.  I share all my thoughts on the ups and downs of practicing NFP, as well as my reasons for why I think it’s worth it, even though it can be so difficult to practice at times.



One thought on “SQT: A Week with Friends

  1. It’s always so much fun getting together with old friends! And that’s incredibly awesome to have that composition book to look through. My mother-in-law had four sons and my father-in-law worked odd hours, so from the time the eldest boys were able to climb the back fence to play with their friends everyone left notes for everyone else saying where they were going, when they’d be back, etc. These were interspersed with phone messages, grocery lists, and practice schedules. I really wish they’d all been saved! They would truly tell the family story!!

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