“Fiat” is a project that has been on my mind and heart for a while now.  I have been blessed throughout my life to have encountered so many different beautiful and holy Catholic women.  Each one of them, by the example of their lives, have nourished and strengthened my faith and love for Jesus.

All of these women have a story to tell.  It’s in the intimate details and the invisible crosses of their lives that I’ve learned more about the “feminine genius” that Saint John Paul II so frequently spoke about.  Women provide a unique witness to the world, of God’s love and of human relations, and we can learn so much by their stories.

Through all the suffering they’ve endured, the obstacles they’ve had to face, and trials of every day living, these women have not only been an image of Christ, but also mirror the heart of his beautiful Mother Mary.

Mary, who lived her life according to her Fiat, “Be it done unto me according to your word.”  

They offer their lives as living sacrifices to God and work hard to choose the good, the pleasing, and the perfect–even when it is difficult or when they encounter great trials and suffering.  They look for God’s hand in their lives, and daily strive to surrender themselves to his will.  In this way, much like Mary, they are handmaids of the Lord.

I pray that their stories inspire you in your journey with Christ, and strengthen you in your love for him.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said that women are “made for the Sacred,”  and that they are “heaven’s instruments on earth.”  In this series, you will read about the lives of many different beautiful women, and see how each of them is a unique instrument in the hand of God.  I hope this series serves as a reminder of the “genius” of women, and that each testimony inspires us all to be more like the great prototype of woman—The Blessed Virgin Mary—who fulfills in herself the deepest aspirations of the heart by clinging to Christ Jesus, the Lord.

Next week I will be publishing the first series in “Fiat”.  My friend Rebecca will be sharing a bit about her journey into the Catholic faith, the unfurling of her love for Mary, and how she learned to trust God amidst health struggles and infertility.

I promise you, your life will be blessed by her story.  She has an amazing grace about her, and her story will move you towards a deeper love for Christ, his Blessed Mother, and the Church.

Stay tuned.