I recently saw this awesome video from Ascension presents which follows a mom’s day on a GoPro.  I really enjoyed the watching the three minutes of the mom’s day go by because it felt so familiar.  It was chaotic and busy, yet filled with love and joy.

However,  one thing I noticed in the video is that the mom never takes time in all the chaos to pray.  From the moment she opens her eyes until bedtime, the mom is going about her very busy schedule of taking care of herself, her home, and her family–yet she doesn’t take the time to talk to God.

Not long ago, my day looked almost exactly like the woman’s in the video, and it was honestly killing me!  I was exhausted, run down, and more-often-than-not, I felt defeated.  Though I felt like I’d accomplished a million and one things, I still felt like I had a million and one left to do, and it left me with zero energy at the end of my days for God.

I knew that something had to change, and after a lot of thought, I realized it had to be my prayer life.  

Yet, in all the busyness, how was I supposed to have time to pray?  I quickly realized that if I wanted to make time for God, I’d actually have to carve out time for him.  In order to truly make him the center of my life, my whole day was going to have to be readjusted around him.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you are too busy to pray, you are too busy”?  That was so true for me.  Nothing should come between you and your relationship with the Lord.  He should be your number one, and there shouldn’t be anything that you prioritize over your relationship with him.  Not the groceries, the cleanliness of your home, everyday kid’s activities, or even your marriage.  He should always come first.  

I found that if I got up just an hour earlier I would have enough time to pray and start my day with God before my kids awakened.  Right now, I happen to be in a season of life that allows me to easily get up earlier (since my kids are currently sleeping well, and I have the energy to do it), however, I know that not everyone is in the same boat as I am.   If you find yourself in another stage in life, make time to start your day with God, but do it in a way that works for you.  That may mean you have to utilize the TV for 15 minutes to keep your toddler preoccupied while you pray, or that you make your morning nursing session with your newborn a time of prayer.  Whatever it may be, keep in mind that a little effort goes a long way.

Starting your day with God is so worth it.  When I started devoting time to Him in the morning each day, I quickly began to see that my mindset on life was beginning to change.  I started to see that my days are meant to glorify God.  It brought meaning to the chaos, and peace to the endless “to-do” list.

Here are 5 ways to wake up with God each morning:

1. Wake up with a Scripture verse or inspirational passage in mind.  

For this one you’ll have to do a bit of prayerful searching beforehand.  Begin by meditating on the daily Scripture reading or on a saint’s life and pause when you are moved by what you’ve read.  Write down the words that spoke to you, and try to put them to memory.

Then, when you wake up in the morning, take a beat before you get up and call to mind the verse or passage you read.  Think about how God is moving you through that verse, and use it as a motto for your day.

It’s amazing how God can work through this simple practice.  Today I was able to pull my behind out of bed to exercise because the night before I was thinking about Romans 8:12-13!

2. Drink your morning coffee with Sacred Scripture 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that Christ is the fulfillment of all the Scriptures.  This means that in order for us to get to know him better, it is vital that we have a good understanding, knowledge, and relationship with Sacred Scripture. Beginning the day with the Bible is a great way to find nourishment and strength for the rest of your day, and will draw you ever closer to Christ.

3. Journal one thing that spoke to you while reading your Bible 

When something moves you while you are reading your Scripture, pause to write it down.  Putting the words into writing is a great way to commit the passage to memory, and will allow you to further contemplate how God is speaking to your heart.

(Use this step to practice step 1 above.)

4. Make a Morning Offering 

One of the greatest ways to start your day is by making a morning offering.  This simple prayer is a powerful way to unite your life in communion with the Church, and to offer your day in service to Christ and his Holy Will.

Here is a free one I made that you can save and print:

morning offering

5. Think of people to pray for during your day 

Another way to glorify God in the morning is by thinking of 2 or 3 people that you know who are in need of prayer.  Pray for them, talk to Christ about them, and offer the sufferings of your day for them.  This is a powerful form of prayer (called “intercessory prayer”) and will also teach you to pour yourself out in love for others throughout your day.


Holly Pierlot (of A Mother’s Rule of Life) says that Jesus wants to bless us, but he has to have efforts to bless!  

Let him bless your life by waking up each day with him, and for him.  

One thought on “5 Ways to Wake Up for God Each Morning

  1. Thanks Lauren. I love your ideas.
    I know when I pray first thing in the morning, I am at ease for what may happen or not that day. It is peaceful asking our Lord and Mary to guide us and help us to be who we are meant to be as we follow God’s plan for us! To keep us aware of the God Filled opportunities
    That may come our way. To learn how to be humble by always asking Him for his Mercy and direction. Prayer makes our day complete: the beginning and the end!

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