Put on Love {Giveaway}

For the past couple of years, Blessed Is She has been producing beautiful journals to coincide with certain liturgical seasons in the Church.  I was given one of their Advent journals last Fall by a friend of mine, and it turned out to be one of my favorite things I have ever used to prepare my heart during the liturgical season.  My experience with this journal during Advent was absolutely wonderful, so I am incredibly excited to begin praying with their new journal, Put On Love, which is a companion guide for walking with Christ during the Lenten season.

Lent is my favorite season in the Church, because it is a great opportunity for us to fully examine where we are at in their faith, and a calling to dive deeper and grow closer to the Lord through sacrifice, penance, prayer, and almsgiving.  Lent gives us the opportunity to journey with Christ as he approaches his Passion, Death, and Resurrection, and remember that we, too, are called on a daily basis to love like Christ loves.  Lent is a calling for preparation through hope in what is to come, and a reminder for us to lean into our own crosses, offer our burdens up with Christ, pour out mercy and love on others, and respond faithfully and obediently to the call of the Father.

I wanted to share my experience with the Blessed Is She journal by opening up a give away for one of you faithful readers out there to win!  journal-pic

This journal has daily scripture, calls-t0-action, essays written by Elizabeth Foss, and journaling space to reflect on what you’ve read and prayed.


It is beautifully written, and carefully pieced together with great attention to detail and gorgeous illustrations by Erica of Be a Heart


If you win, you will receive the journal right before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which takes place on March 1st this year.  I think it will prove to be a great tool for you to pray with as you journey through the Lenten season to prepare for Christ’s coming at Easter.

And from what I’ve heard, the Blessed Is She journals sell out fast! Don’t miss your opportunity to win one here at By Love Refined!  

Enter the Rafflecopter below to win this awesome Lenten prayer journal!
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**Rafflecopter randomly picked Lisa T. as the Winner!!  Thank you all for participating and sharing your great ideas for Lenten fasting and sacrifice!

55 thoughts on “Put on Love {Giveaway}

  1. One year for Lent, I committed to 10 minutes of silence to spend with the Lord. It was definitely a challenge for me personally but I found my heart was more prepared for the celebration of Easter.

    Lent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons as well!

  2. I’ve recently committed (or at least attempted to commit) myself again to daily prayer in the morning and hope to continue that throughout lent by saying a rosary daily. I also try to use Lent as a time of more silent reflecting and less scrolling/ random time filling.

    1. Sometimes I hesitate to pray the rosary because it takes so long. But then I remember how much time I spend scrolling and it is very humbling! What a better way to spend your time!

  3. I love BIS, thank you for doing this giveaway! This would be such a perfect tool to stay focused during Lent and introduce a new way to pray and reflect.

  4. One Lenten season I added an extra Mass to my weekly schedule. I am new to your blog and look forward to exploring it more. Thank you!

    1. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! And I love your idea of adding an extra Mass each week. What a wonderful way to receive God’s grace during Lent and prepare your heart for Easter!

      1. They have little booklets with quick answers. I have a few of them and they’re really good. The challenge is reading all of them during Lent. They have a 50% off deal, and $10 goes towards St. Paul Street Evangelization. It’s still a little pricey, but I definitely think they’re worth the cost.

        (Just a side note about Rafflecopter, it marked me with my old blog , Katelynne blog, instead of this one).

  5. My goal for this lent is to do a morning offering with our toddler. For myself, I want to make it to Mass at least once a week and increase my personal prayer time to reflect on my vocation as a wife and mother. I need to do some pruning in my personal and spiritual life to make sure I’m a good steward with the time I’ve been given.

    1. What an awesome idea. I hadnt thought of incorporating a way of praying with my toddlers for Lent! I love that! Have you prayed with the book, “Mother’s Bouquet: Rosary Meditations for Moms,” by Sherry Boas? It is such a beautiful way to pray while reflecting on motherhood and marriage!

  6. One year I made a commitment to go to daily mass 1-2x per week during Lent, and I managed to keep it up after Easter! This year I think I would like to start praying the rosary during Lent!

  7. Last year for lent I made an effort to add something to my routine instead of giving something up. I consistently prayed every day and it really prepared me for the holiday! This year I am planning to pray with scripture more during Lent.

  8. I’m going to give up things that are morally neutral but can be near occasions of sin, such as social media, alcohol, dessert, etc… haven’t decided what, but I can live without these things so I’m going to try!

    1. I think that’s awesome! I agree, when these things become addictions they can easily become occasions of sin! I struggle sometimes to give up my morning coffee in fast before Mass! Great idea to mortify our senses!

  9. In the past, I have committed to things during Lent like daily Mass, daily rosary and weekly confession that have become part of my normal routine. This year I hope to commit to a few mortifications such as giving up coffee, which hopefully will make Lent a more sacrificial time and allow me to enter more fully into the season.

  10. I signed up for the Best Lent Ever with Dynamic Catholic. I’m hoping it will help me experience Lent in a new way this year.

  11. Thank you for doing this! Last year I gave up music in the car, watched the passion during holy week and listened to the Apostles of the Interior Life reflections almost daily. My sister once gave up watching people in the communion line as she was kneeling and praying and another friend gave up solid food…both really interesting & fruitful sacrifices!

    1. Where did you get the A.I.L. reflections? I bet listening to them would be so fruitful during Lent! Wow! And I love the idea of not watching people receive communion! What a creative way to remind yourself to really enter into the beauty of Holy Communion!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Last year, I did the Matthew Kelly 40 day book and the year before I gave up social media! One year I gave up the “snooze” button on my alarm clock!! All have been opportunities to seek Christ, rather than comfort.

  13. This year, I’ve committed to being a better version of myself for God and my family. My goal is to drink more water, exercise 5x/week, read 30 minutes/ day, daily devotionals, be more intent with my time, and learn more about my faith.

  14. All the comments that I have read this AM are wonderful ideas for spending time with Our Dear Lord.
    I would like to spend more time in contemplation on the daily Mass readings during my morning prayer time. Contemplation has been difficult for me so I think this would help me to get closer to our Lord. Your prayer Journal would be a lovely addition to my devotions. Thanks Lauren for this exciting giveaway!

  15. I have to admit that in this season of life Lent often comes and goes without me getting to any of the things I thought I would do. Hoping I will have a richer and more intentional Lent this year!

  16. This Lent I resolve to be more disciplined in fasting. For quite a few years I haven’t had the physical (bf-ing or pg) or emotional strength (grief) to do so. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  17. One lent I gave up music during my commute to use that time for prayer- although I didn’t listen to music I didn’t always pray 😪😓

  18. This Lent I am going to try spending less time on social media/technology and spending more time doing non-technogical activities that will lead me closer to Christ such as praying, spiritual reading, etc. 🙂

  19. I plan on joining a small group of friends to try and grow in body, mind, and soul. I will be spending Easter at my school for our Easter Vigil and Resurrection Party.

  20. I always love to only listen to Catholic music and give up social media during Lent time. I definitely feel that it helps me strengthen my prayer life and relationship with Christ! 🙂

  21. For this year for lent I want to get closer to God. Hoping this journal can help me with daily prayer and commit myself to God again.

  22. Do you know how I can find a digital version of this journal? Or a print copy? I have tried to find it and they don’t have it anymore.

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