In these next few weeks, two big rallies are being held in our country: The Women’s March on Washington today and the Pro-Life March on Friday the 27th.  Both movements are fighting to uphold and safeguard the dignity of the human person; to work for peace, justice, and equity for all.

I was disheartened when I heard that pro-life women were not invited to the women’s march; disheartened, but not surprised.  I feel like this is yet another example of how the abortion industry has hijacked the women’s movement.  Feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights.  One group has been successful in defining feminism to suit a lifestyle of their choosing.  Their exclusion of anyone who doesn’t adhere to those ideologies, is discrimination at its worst.

I opened up an article today that was entitled “Everything You Need to Know about the Women’s March.”  One of the first things I read was the following: “Organizers say one of the goals of the march is to tell the new administration that on Day 1, ‘women’s rights are human rights.’ Despite the name of the event, leaders have made clear that all are welcome to join, not just women.”

Reading this I couldn’t help but to get a bit angry.  The lie that is perpetuated by the feminist movement, over and over, is that they are inclusive and fight for the rights of women everywhere.  They claim that all are welcome to join in the fight to protect the rights of a woman, but this isn’t true. In fact, there is an orchestrated effort to exclude certain women from this fight: women who are pro-life.  It is unfortunate that what defines the “feminine genius” in our world today is a message of female empowerment through abortion; that there is a movement by people of the same gender to silence any voice that is not their own; and that certain women claim that others have no right to stand up for the social, political, economic, and personal rights of woman…because of their pro-life beliefs.

The women of the feminist movement push certain women out when they have differing opinions, particularly on the issue of abortion.  They don’t feel like a woman who is pro-life should have a voice, because they believe that they are part of the problem.  They believe that they seek to remove certain rights and control pertaining to a woman’s body.  But the pro-life woman wholly agrees with the feminist in her belief that a woman should have complete control over her reproductive rights (which she can do both safely and naturally—without putting harsh chemicals in her body—through Natural Family Planning).  The difference is, the pro-life woman recognizes that with regard to abortion, what we are talking about is a separate body, inside of the woman’s body with unique DNA and a heartbeat.  The pro-life woman believes that among these little lives, are tiny little voiceless males and females–and they have rights that need protecting too.  They push pro-life women out because they shine a light on an issue that not only affects their “liberated” and “autonomous” way of living, but also touches on one of the most fundamental parts of their movement: the fight to protect the dignity of the human person.  If this is really what they seek, where is the debate?  Where is the dialogue?  Where is the compassion and willingness to listen to another sister in order to get to the bottom of things and work to ensure that all lives are protected?  There is none of that; there is just a door in the face to all those who seek to both protect the livelihood and beauty of the woman, as well as the lives of the unborn.   

What is the women’s movement that I wish to be a part of?

The one that fights for all human rights: for equal pay, the right to vote, right to work, right to hold public office; for a women’s right to earn fair wages, the right to own property, the right to receive an education, enter contracts, have maternity leave, and to have rights within marriage.  I wish to be a part of the one that fights for the protection of women against rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence and the one that advocates for the dignity and integrity of the woman. And lastly, I wish to be a part of the women’s movement that fights for the rights of the least of us: for the vulnerable, unprotected, and especially the voiceless.

I will be praying that women everywhere learn to dialogue with one another, and that hate filled rhetoric and movements to exclude one another in this fight to promote the true dignity of the woman may cease. I will especially be praying for all of you pro-life women out there marching today.

3 replies on “The Women’s March: Equity for All?

  1. Well said! What a shame–our world could use a woman-led movement truly committed to human rights and dignity for all.

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