7 Quick Takes: Christmas in NM, Road Trip Home, and New Year Resolutions

We’re back home in KS, after our wonderful trip to New Mexico to visit family!  I promise I will get back to my usual content soon, but with the craziness of this season, it’s just easiest to offer a few updates here and there.  Here I am joining Kelly once again with 7 Quick Takes!


For three out of the four years that we have been married, we’ve been blessed to be able to head home to NM for Christmas.  I love it this way, because it is the only time of year I get to see almost all of my extended family.  On the 23rd we gathered with my mom’s whole side of the family to eat and play games together.  It was really fun.

On the 24th we all went to Christmas Vigil Mass, which of course was really special.  It’s kind of funny too, because in all honesty the music was not all that great, I couldn’t understand a word the priest was saying, and Lucy was just a pill…but for the first time ever I really felt the joy of Christmas.

After Mass we headed to my dad’s house to open presents and eat the absolute best Mexican food there is (i.e. mom and dad’s).  I will be dreaming of tamales, red chile meat, menudo and posole until next Christmas.


I received two really awesome gifts this Christmas: one from my husband, and one from my “secret santa” (my sister Sofie).

My husband got me the most beautiful band to go with my wedding ring and I just love it! I’ve been wanting a wedding band, so he really nailed it this Christmas.

And my little sister gave me this:

JPII gift .jpg

She carved the wood herself!  I literally cried it was so touching.  And beautiful!!! She’s known in our family for her artistic abilities—but she really got me with this one!


Speaking of John Paul, my father was reading me excepts from Peggy Noonan’s “John Paul the Great,” and when I asked him if I could borrow it when he was done, he just handed it to me and said, “It’s yours.”


I’ve been reading it since, and I am so glad he gave it to me.  I guess I am a sucker for pretty much anything JPII, because in just the first chapter I was already crying.


We left for home on Tuesday around 6 pm in the evening, and though we had a little hiccup on the ride to NM from KS with Lucy getting sick in the car, we had high hopes everything would be easy breezy heading back home because she was feeling much better.


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

We had a repeat of sickness in the car, only this time 4 times.  It was awful, but all I could think the whole way home as I cleaned up mess after mess was this is love.  I know it sounds crazy but it is true.  Had it been another time in my life I would have gotten sick myself or ran out of the car in horror, but my husband and I just handled it–because, duh, we had to.  But sometimes parenthood surprises you with things you didn’t even know you could deal with, and what’s more, you do it in a way that is beyond your expectation of yourself.  You just shrug your shoulders,  take a breath and remind yourself that everything will be alright, and press on.


Needless to say, we were all wildly hungover from our car ride home.  I took a 3 hour nap with the kids, and went to bed way earlier than normal.  And two days later I still feel tired, but now that I am not sleeping with the kids anymore I am sleeping like a bear and it is absolutely blissful. We’re home, and home feels good.


I am so very excited because my best friend from NM is coming to visit me today!  It is her super special golden birthday today—turning 30 on the 30th—and we are going on a long overdue friend date tonight to celebrate!  I can’t wait!

I am really wanting to go see La La Land with her.  I can’t get enough of musicals, and the fact that this one has both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in it?! Well, it’s a must-see.  Plus, Karrie and I were big choir nerds in high school so it is very fitting.


I’ve never really been one for making New Year resolutions, mostly because I’ve always felt like I would break them anyways.  But I am seeing now that I just used that as a pathetic excuse to avoid really examining my life and seeing where I want to grow and change.  I am learning that big ideas wont mean anything if you don’t put them in to action, and you can’t put them in to action if you don’t clearly define your goals.  So in an effort to hold myself accountable, I am sharing some of my 2017 goals with you!


I hope at the closing of 2017 to look back on this post and reflect on all the things I have accomplished in the year and how I have grown.

What are some of your goals for the New Year?


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