Today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite Catholic videos and series on youtube.

-1- Father Mike Schmidt at Ascension Presents

I recently went on a Father Mike Schmitz binge! I think he is one of the best sources out there right now because he communicates our faith in such an approachable manner, and he makes issues that seem untouchable today easy to talk about.  He embraces all that is good in our culture, but also teaches us about the things that should be filtered out and why.  He’s awesome.

Plus he’s super cool.  He comes from a large family, often quotes Michael Scott from the Office, and has completed several triathlons!

-2- Jason Evert

Jason Evert has touched my life more than any other Catholic speaker out there has.  I have been listening to his stuff since I was a teenager.  He drew me in with his talks on chastity, but as I have grown, his talks on sexuality, marriage, contraception, abortion etc., have all grown with me.  He is a great resource for learning about living out God’s plan for love, sex, and marriage, and his teaching is deeply rooted in Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. 

-3- Leah Darrow 

The moment you see Leah Darrow, you’ll probably think to yourself, “Wow, she’s beautiful!  She should be a model!”  Fun fact: She was a model!  She competed on America’s Next Top Model and moved on to New York City to continue her career after the show.  While she was there–right in the midst of a modeling gig–she had a major conversion of heart and felt God calling her home.  Listen to her story.  She is a beautiful example of what it means to respond to God’s call, and be bold and unafraid.

-4-Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Barron is a great resource for learning about the faith.  He covers a wide range of topics and is a trustworthy source.  The topics he covers are both theologically and culturally relevant today–great stuff!


Jenny Fulwiler grew up an atheist, but had a “religious awakening” and ended up converting to Catholicism.  She is both smart and hilarious, and her perspective on the faith is refreshing.  She also writes over at, and has a podcast!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!









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