Infant Baptism

We baptize our baby in New Mexico this Sunday.  I am SO excited for the baptism.  We baptized our niece Eloise last summer and it made me really look forward to the day that we would stand together and bring our little baby boy into the Church.   
I want to share a bit of the reasoning behind why the catholic church baptizes infants, for those of you wondering why we baptize at such a young age.  A lot of people criticize the catholic church for baptizing infants before they have a “born again” experience, or rather, “accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.” For these, baptism follows but has no salvific value.  It is only after one has accepted the Lord into their heart that they are saved. 
The catholic church, since the time of the Apostles, has always understood  and taught baptism to be a Sacrament which accomplishes the remission of sin (both original and actual–though only original in the case of infants, since they’re incapable of actual sin).
In Acts, Peter calls all the faithful to repent and to be baptized in the name of Christ (Acts 2:38), but he does not restrict this to adults only.  He said: “For the promise is to you and to your children and to all that are far off, every one whom the Lord our God calls to him.” (Acts 2:39).  
Scripture tells us that baptism and salvation are connected (1 Peter 3:21), hence the sacrament is vital for adults and infants alike.
Through baptism, we believe that we are “born again” in the Spirit.  We become once again united with God, as was his original intent.  We once again become his children, members of his Body, and members of his Church, and we also become born again into a state of grace.
This is what is so special and exciting about my son’s upcoming baptism.  I look forward to when we stand with our family and our priest and we trace the sign of the cross on my son’s head as the mark of his belonging to Christ.  I’m excited for this beginning in my son’s life–the beginning of the profession of faith which we will be making on his behalf now, and which he later, by the grace of God, will personally confirm himself. 
Thanks for reading!

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